Tips & Tricks

Just a few handy tips I’ve picked up along the way when dealing with Woodwork.

For great painted woodwork, good surface preparation and good brushing technique are essential. Like any DIY job I recommend spending time and effort getting it done right first time to avoid a shabby finish.

  • Scrape off loose and cracked paint
  • Work putty into scraps
  • Use a sanding sponge to sand the filler
  • Caulk cracks and gaps
  • Use a primer first, allow it to dry before sanding down, ready for the top coat.
  • Painting wood from the top down
  • Apply tape to protect the finish
  • Cut in along the wall
  • Once the paint’s dry, remove the masking tape and the job’s done.


In particular an article I would recommend for Painting;


Obviously if you would rather leave the fuss and hassle to a professional then give me a call today for a free quote.